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A majestic drink with 300 Years of History. Our much beloved and appreciated alcohol free Gin&Tonic Aroma.

A Royal Alcohol Free Affair
The Gin Countess
French Shortbread
Bakery at it's best.

French shortbread a real Butter Cookie flavour. A Butter Cookie taste like you'll only find at you're local Baker.

A Fruit Adventure in to the Exotic.
The taste of Safari. It's a heavenly taste.
A special tropical fruit mix with a twist.

My Fluffy Pineapple, can't get any better then this.

Fluffy Pineapple

The Classic under the Fruits.
A very tasty Pineapple.

O so super sweet, the fruit flavor for the Gourmands.

Scruffy's Lime Sorbet

A Citrus explosion. Fresh, Sweet with a little Sour, a sorbet that will give you that overwhelming in the face feeling.
A ice cold fusion of Lime & Lemon.

A Citrus Explosion
A juice with a

Wonderfull sour and sweet apples with our
Doodle Your Flavor twist.
A Apple Juice flavour that keeps you going.

Sweet Doodle
Sweet like Sugar

A flavour that will give a extra sweet touch.
Toothsome with no end.
Neutral taste, no kcal. .
Sweetlips that will last forever and ever.

Crazy Raspberry

A aroma that confirms your love for ultra sweet and will test your taste buds.
A Raspberry with a strange twist.

It's a crazy flavour

Cool Doodle
Awesome Freezing Cold.

Brrr, Ice Cold, Fresh, Very Cool, all that without Menthol or Mint taste.
Neutral Taste.

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